Sunday, September 20, 2015

Leaving on a jet plane . . .

In less than twenty-four hours I will be flying over the Atlantic Ocean, off to start a Master Programme at Oxford University.

I'm excited, nervous, unsure, confident . . . everything you'd expect from a young, twenty-something woman about to take on the world with a notebook, a good pair of heels, a head full of brains, and a heart full of dreams.

I've been thinking a lot about how I want to portray this adventure on social media. Because I know that all of my adoring fans (or frenemies . . . I don't exactly know who actually reads this blog) will be interested to know what I am doing . . . but I don't want to be overbearing/annoying as I post things on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Like, I don't want to overwhelm everyone's Facebook pages with what I had for breakfast every morning. But I do want to put some pictures/thoughts/experiences I'm having whilst abroad. Because--personally--I like reading about people's adventures, especially when I care about those people. 

Will I post frequently? No idea. I hope to write blog posts a couple times a week, but there are no promises. I'm going to be doing most of my musings via this blog. But don't expect me to link my blog to Facebook every time I write a blog post. If you do want to follow my adventures more regularly, feel free to subscribe to this blog (via email, Google plus, or via the subscribe button below), or follow me on Instagram @megochka7. I'll be using the hashtag #MegGoesToOxford to link my Oxford posts together. 

Also, here are some things you should/should not expect to see on my blog and social media accounts. 

Do Not Expect my Instagram account to be like Caroline Calloway's. Have you heard about her? She's studying Art History at Cambridge and basically posts about her life abroad on Instagram . . . but it's a year after the fact, so she can make it into a story. Which is cool and all that, but there are a few reasons why this will not be me: 

1. I want to "gram" about my life in real time. 
2. I am not as extroverted as she is. 
3. I am not going to meet a hot Swedish boy who will fall in love with me while I'm at Oxford. Like, okay, fine. It could happen. But I'm not going to let the world know about it. I mean, it works for her and that's great, and they're dating and obviously mfeo (made for each other, if your Sleepless in Seattle references are rusty). But I don't feel comfortable broadcasting my dating life to the world. Like, that's just me. So . . . sorry. No hot Swedish boys will make their debut on my blog. Anyway. Moving on. 

Do Not Expect me to apologize for an overabundance of Harry Potter/Hogwarts references. I will try to rein it in. But there are no promises. 

Do Expect my contributions on social media to be relatively similar to what they are now--thoughts about life, God, and the universe. Only this time I'll be writing from my flat in Oxford. 

Do Expect pretty pictures from England. 

Do Expect awkward moments, epiphanies, deep thoughts, and preachy soapbox moments. Expect wonder, faith, doubt, friends (new and old), musings, optimism, hope, and belief. 

In short, expect a girl trying to use and develop her gifts as she stumbles, falls, skips, laughs, learns, and writes her narrative. 

Life is full of possibilities. 

Let's meet them head on, shall we? 

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