All About Me

. . . okay, maybe not all about me. Because that would take a lifetime.

But this is me:

Bright red lipstick and all.

I'm Megan. Some people call me Megan Beth. More recently people have started calling me Meg or Megs. Or Megochka (meg-och-ka). I'll answer to any and all of those names.  

I enjoy good books, sunsets, and ice cream. And yes, all at the same time, but separately's good, too.

I'm also a fan of thunderstorms, musicals, family vacations, quoting funny YouTube videos, BYU, England, and Oxford. I have a (very large) soft spot in my heart for Russians and Ukrainians. You'll find that I talk about Eastern Europe (especially Ukraine) a lot in this small slice of the Internet. I also talk about England a lot. Ukraine and England--two places that will always have my heart.

I love stories. I study them, whether through literature or history. In fact, I just graduated from the University of Oxford with a degree in U.S. history. (I know, I know. Yes, I studied U.S. history at Oxford. Yes, they talk about the American Revolution differently there. No, I did not come back with an accent.)

Stories--whether on a page, on a screen, or in a face--are my life. There are a myriad of reasons why. Because I love people. Because I love hearing their stories. Because I love feeling my mind stretch. Because I rejoice in beauty. Because I thrive on creating beauty.

Because I want to live deliberately.

Take any and all of those reasons.

You'll get a feel for who I am.