Monday, January 22, 2018

The engagement vanity post

Here it is, the moment every girl who ever creates a blog has ever waited for: the engagement photoshoot photo dump.

But really. This is the entire reason I created the blog 8 years ago (not really--or is it?).

In all seriousness, I know that looking at other people's engagement photos can be fun. So I'm posting a lot of them so family and friends can enjoy them with us.

I'd also like to thank the incredible Bailey Scott for taking incredible photos, for providing good company, and for knowing all the pro tips for good places to go in Philadelphia. We certainly owe you, Bailey, and we love the pictures. Thank you.

[It wasn't nearly as cold as it could have been for mid-January. Hence, I could survive without a coat for more than half-a-second.]

[This was typical of most of the shoot--laughing at our own PDA.]

[Just looking over the Schuykill River. Which is much easier to pronounce if you pretend it's a pastry name.]

[The ring! It is blue tanzanite and I love it.]

[So cute. I love him.]

[And I think he likes me, too.]

[Good morning, Philadelphia.]

[This is part of a series called "Sam Explains Things to Meg."] 

[Meg answers back.]

[Meg is slightly skeptical.]


[Also typical. I often look up like this.]


[Channeling inner model vibes.]

[Bridge series where we kiss a lot--avert your eyes if you do not like mushy-gushy stuff. Oh wait. You're looking at our engagement photos. And if you've made it this far, then you probably like mushy-gushy stuff. Enjoy at your leisure.]

[Again, can't take kissing too seriously.]

[Cover photo material right here.]

[Also a fan of this picture. Also so typical of us. And has that "can I carry your bag for you?" vibe.]

[Now it's time for an art museum. This picture is also part of the "Sam Explains Things" series.]

[I like this one and I don't have a reason why.]

[Now this is part of the "Meg Explains It All to Sam" series.]

[Meg Explains it All, pt. 2]

[Meg Explains it All, pt. 3]


[Can't help falling in love with you.]

[Someone decided to do a "prom pose."]

[We scared everyone away from this hall. Go us.]

[I actually can't do the "smile eyes." It's either Soviet stare or smile.]

[Case in point.]

[Okay, but this Cezanne is actually beautiful.]

[Surprise, I actually really like him.]

[So many cool blue paintings.]

[This hall was one of our favorites.]

[And now a Soviet stare. What I do best. Sam's not half-bad himself.]

[That floor, though.]

[Lovers under the gaze of Founding Fathers.]

[I have a feeling Ben Franklin would approve.]

[Getting our Main Line groove on.]


[This one is one of my absolute favorites.]

[Oh haiiiii]

[If you look closely, you can see the Philly Women's March happening on the Rocky Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.]

[That post-industrial vibe, though.]

[We weren't sure how these ones would turn out, but I'm a fan of the entire series.]


[So hipster-angsty.]

[Sam Explaining Things to Meg, cont.]

[I made a joke.]

[Sam makes a joke.]

[We both think the other is funny.]

[But apple-picking is a serious thing.]

[Five seconds after this photo, a delightful middle-aged man came by to get through this door (which is home to a drawing club) and invited us all to come see a Coen Brothers movie.]

[Street art for the win.]

[And after all of this, I desperately wanted a big, juicy burger. So we got some. And shakes. Naturally.]

If you've made it this far, I hope it didn't disappoint. Thanks again to the beautiful and amazing Bailey Scott for being such a wonderful photographer. And to you, dear reader, for indulging my vanity.