Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A pot full of borscht

-It's raining right now. So it's a perfect day for hot borscht and warm herbal tea.

-They say that Ukrainians say goodbye and then never leave and that Americans leave without saying goodbye. I have kind of felt Ukrainian lately--I think that since I've stayed in Utah for so long without leaving for grad school that people think that Oxford is some kind of ruse and that I'm not really leaving. I promise I am leaving for England in less than a week. The two suitcases haphazardly filled with clothes and books are a testament of that.

-Also, goodbye parties and last-minute hikes with friends are always in order.

[Sorry if you hate this picture, Hannah. I can delete it if you'd like. I just thought it captured the whimsical, adventuresome, backwoods nature of our hike.]

-I forgot how good fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden are. Fresh peaches, fresh tomatoes, fresh squash . . . a garden is heaven.

-I'm watching The Devil Wears Prada right now. And I'm pretty sure Anne Hathaway would play me in a movie about my life.

-Also, this movie reminds me of how much I would just not fit into that world of high society. "Don't be ridiculous, Andrea. Everybody wants this. Everybody wants to be us." Well, not me, thank you very much.

-This time next week I'll be in London. If that's not exciting I don't know what is.

-But for right now, in the midst of packing and organizing and making sure everything is in its place, at least I have a pot full of homemade borscht. Made from fresh beets from the garden.

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