Sunday, October 18, 2015

Things to Remember [Michaelmas Week 1]

I have so many blog posts planned. Don't worry. I will give a better idea of a day-in-the-life/how things are going. But part of "how things are going" means that things are a bit crazy. There is so much to do in just a little bit of time. I also need some time to reflect on this past week, since it flew by for me.

- Formal halls are just as opulent as I remember. But they sure are fun. Especially because it means that I can dress up and make believe that I am eating at Hogwarts.

-I am going to be living in the library this semester. Case in point:

-Hot cocoa with toasted banana bread are some of the sweetest things in life. Especially on a cloudy, misty October morning.

-The London Temple is a beautiful, beautiful place. 

-There will never be enough time to do all that I would like to do here. I just have to accept that, choose my activities pragmatically and carefully, and embrace what I can. 

-"I have found people to be invariably kind wherever I go." --Life wisdom from a very good man. 

-Matriculation is a whole lot of pomp for a little bit of circumstance. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Especially since it gave me an excuse to take a lot of vain pictures of myself. 

-Exploring Oxford at night with friends leads to some fun discoveries: 

-My program is filled with some incredibly bright people. It makes discussions fun. 

-Walking by the Sheldonian on a weekend night during a concert is a magical experience. 

-There is nothing like running the streets of Oxford in the quiet morning. I know I've said that before. But it is true. 

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