Friday, October 9, 2015

The Fresh Princess of the Freshers Fair

. . . now all I need is an awesome theme song featuring Will Smith.

This week was Freshers Week, which basically meant two things:

1. Introductions


2. Club Carnivals

[The things you do for free pizza. Or the possibility of free Ipad-minis. Fingers are still crossed. But I think I used up all my luck on drawings in first grade. I mean, I did win that trip to Disneyland, so it's not that bad of a thing to use up my luck on, I guess.]

The Freshers Fair was basically a BYUSA event on steroids. AKA, free food and free stuff and flyers EVERYWHERE.

But it was different from a BYUSA event in that there were clubs there that would never, never, NEVER get BYU's approval in a million years.

Like the Communist Corresponding Society.

Handed to me by my friendly neighborhood communist. He had wire-rimmed glasses, a beard, handlebar mustache, and a long braid. Like, he was straight out of central casting for your 21st-century college communist. 

And please look at the third week: "On reflection, there isn't anything there: the importance of vampires in contemporary culture." 

Communists and vampires. 

But of course. 

Week 5 also looks interesting. Barthes and ornamental crockery. 

Who'da thunk. 

Not this girl, let me tell you. 

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