Sunday, October 25, 2015

Matriculation: A Lot of Pomp for a Bit of Circumstance

Last Saturday I participated in an important Oxford tradition: Matriculation.

Matriculation is a ceremony which officially recognizes students as members of Oxford University. Back in the day, students had to sit for an exam which was all in Latin to prove that they were ready and worthy to study at Oxford. Today, the Vice Chancellor simply reads a few lines in Latin (saying that we are now officially Oxford students), says a few cheering words, and then we are sent merrily on our way to take pictures of ourselves in our sub-fusc (which is Latin for "dark brown" . . . but we don't wear dark brown clothing for matriculation? . . . oh well).

I know some people don't like ritual. I get it. It can be boring and a bit strange. But I think there is something beautiful in ceremony. It brings together past, present, and future. There are so many students who have matriculated at Oxford and there will be thousands more who will in the future. Standing in the Sheldonian Theatre marked my time at Oxford. A bridge between the past and present, tying us all together.

Also, my fellow Corpuscles (yes, that is a term and I did not make it up) and I look pretty good in our ceremonial robes, if I do say so myself.

[The joys of sitting for pictures.]

[Fellow postgrads in the MCR.]

[I like these pictures because of the awkwardness of it all.]

[Embrace the awkwardness, people. Just embrace it.]

[One big, happy, Corpus Christi family.]


  1. "embrace the awkwardness, people. just embrace it."
    ^^new life motto, anyone?

  2. "embrace the awkwardness, people. just embrace it."
    ^^new life motto, anyone?