Monday, September 30, 2013

Check THAT one off the bucket-list . . . well, kinda

Once upon a time, I made a bucket list. I wrote it Spring Term, 2011. And I realize now, after my mission, that there are some things that need to change, as some of my goals have changed.

But one thing was not going to change:

#34 Talk in the Marriott Center (again).

The "again" is there, because when I was one of the speakers at my high school graduation, and our high school had our convocation ceremony at the BYU Marriott Center.

And, being the bright, ambitious young thing that I am, I decided it would be awesome to speak there again. How, I didn't know. But it was going to happen.

When there's a will, there's a way. Especially when it's my way.

Once upon another time, I was asked to give the opening prayer at a university forum:

It was really cool, actually. And I was just glad that I didn't give the prayer in Russian.

Fifteen seconds of fame.

And, until further notice, I'm saying this counts for my bucket-list. I think it counts. Doesn't it?


  1. Awesome!!! How did that even happen? Who chooses the prayer-ers?

  2. When you know Dr. Kerry, anything can happen.

  3. Oh, Dr. Kerry. What a guy. But CONGRATULATIONS that is so cool!