Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another Awkward Moment

You know it's just one of those days when . . .

-- You start talking with a person you think you know (and she thinks she knows you), but then mid-conversation you realize that you don't know each other, but it's too soon to walk away and too late to state the obvious. So after some empty pleasantries you just look at your watch and say, "Oh! Time to go to class!"

-- You think you see a guy from one of your classes, so you start making eye contact and smiling, only to realize that it's actually said-guy's twin from a parallel dimension* and neither of you have any idea who the other is. But he still smiles at you and is probably thinking, "Score! A cute girl just smiled at me!" Never mind that she smiled awkwardly and semi-creepily at you and that you're not as cute as the real guy from class.

-- You jump and nearly knock over your books when the library intercom goes off: "It is now 10:45. The Library Circulation Desk closes in 15 minutes." I forgot it did that. Missions do things to you.

-- You try to have intelligent conversation with your peers and you keep staring off into space. must. keep. my. eyes. open.

-- Oh! And one more thing. Because I was just that good today. When you pass out your intro letter to students you're going to be tutoring, and accidentally also pass along a short story you're reading for your British Modernism class. It's even better when it's avant-garde feminist literature.

Yep. I am the Queen of Awkward.

Is it only Wednesday?

*Could also be the guy using a Time Turner. Wearing different clothes. And with a different haircut. Also, could be Polyjuice Potion wearing off. Totally a possibility.

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