Monday, January 23, 2012

Vanity of vanities . . .

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful maiden. 

 She liked to stand around in fields . . .

and sit on rocks, 

and sometimes she'd spin around for no other reason besides the fact that she loved life. 

 She also loved to laugh,

which was more proof that she loved life. And dry fields. 

 This maiden also loved to read and write, 

and sometimes she combined her two loves of reading and sitting on rocks. 

 Other times the young maiden would sit in a dry field and pray, and look very dignified and contemplative with her long, brown hair. 

Then one day, the maiden decided to cut her hair.

Nine inches of it. And it was rather sad, because the maiden had become attached to her long, beautiful brown hair, and now she couldn't even put her hair in a ponytail. But she decided to cope, because after all, she believed in simplicity . . . 

especially when it was for a good cause. 

(photos--except for the one of me with short hair--courtesy of the lovely Saren Johnson of Wren's Flight Photography


  1. Oh what gorgeous pictures! And yeah, I know that feeling of missing your hair when you chop it, but it will fade and you will be glad for easy to do hair! Besides, I'm gonna show you how to do the easiest hair style ever! Oh lots of love!

  2. her is even the most beautiful! красавица такая.)))