Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Specs

New glasses are always fun.

Would you believe that this is only my fourth new pair of glasses? And this is from a girl who has worn glasses since Kindergarten.

What can I say? I'm a creature of habit and extremely stubborn. (You wouldn't think I was stubborn, but I am. And there's nothing you can do about it. So there. Ha.)

Seriously, though. Fourth pair. I've only had five pairs of glasses in my lifetime. Maybe it's not as weird as it seems? . . . you'll have to tell me.

I can remember every pair I had, and I still have them all except for my Kindergarten-2nd grade glasses (but for the record, they were cute and turquoise. With Mickey Mouse on the sides of the frames).

These are my 2nd-grade through 9th-grade glasses. Yes, you read that right. I wore them for about 8 years. Yikes.

Every time I put them on for fun I'm reminded at how HUGE they are. Like owl eyes. Or Harry Potter meets
Steve Urkel.

Now imagine them on a second-grader's face.


They ate my face up.

Still, good memories. Ohhhh, 90s fashion.

When I switched from my monster-glasses, I didn't go to contacts. Nope, still too stubborn to switch. (My switch to contacts is another story for another time.) Instead, I got these:

Nice, simple, conservative-style glasses. If you've known me the past six years, you've most likely seen me in these glasses. (And yes. I've had these glasses for six years. Creature of habit, remember.)

But now, new glasses! And I like them lots:

Cheesin' it up just for you. Because I love you. 

Oh, glasses. I have a love-hate relationship with them. But today I love them.


  1. you look so cute in your new glasses!! I've probably had like 12 or more pairs of glasses because I would get drastically blinder every year. gotta love the huge ones from the 90's. ;)

  2. I got new glasses this week, too! And contacts for the first time! YAY!

    You look gorgeous in your new specs. :D

  3. Megan! Now we can be all matchy-matchy with our glasses! :D btw, they look really good on you. :)