Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pre-Mission Bucketlist

Here are some things I need to/want to do before I leave on my mission. More specifically, these are things that I bet you had no idea I wanted to do (listed in order of could possibly happen to no way is this ever going to happen):

-Two words: Dance Party!

- Chew as much Shaun White gum as possible. Because it is the best gum ever. Partly because it tastes delicious. Mostly because it has Shaun White on the front.

- Watch this video and videos like it ad nauseum.
Love Divine Comedy videos. And this one's a keeper. I mean, dance party in the Testing Center? Awesome. 

- See War Horse the movie. I need to see it. Need to.

- Watch the last episode of BBC's Sherlock. Again, needs to happen.

- Use as many italics as I can. 

- Go to Divine Comedy's January show.

- Make chocolate croissants.

-Find Narnia in my closet.

- Learn how to speak whale.

- Learn how to speak Russian-whale. Because I bet that's what narwhals speak. And possibly beluga whales. And who wouldn't want to talk with a baby beluga whale?

- Find an open field and start singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music!"

- While I'm at it, find a retired, widower Naval officer with 7 children and teach them the joy of music.

- Finish those novels I've been working on recently. (And yes, finding that Naval officer with 7 children is far more likely than finishing these novels.)

- Get an appendectomy. Just kidding. Well, kinda. I don't want to go through surgery three weeks before I go into the MTC. But one of my worst nightmares is having to go through surgery in a foreign country. So let's just pray that I don't get appendicitis. Ever. But especially while I'm on my mission.

-Grow all my hair back before I leave. Guys, I chopped it all off. And it's so weird. I miss my hair!!!!!

. . . also, I just realized that I am a pre-mi now. I always associated that nickname with 18-year-old boys who decided that the milk chug challenge was the best idea since Call of Duty. But I'm a pre-mission girl now. Weird. Hopefully I'm more mature than most eighteen-year-old boys. But with some of the things on my pre-mission bucketlist, maybe I'm not as mature as I hope.


  1. I know so man people in that video...including the main guy. BUT HOW COOL WOULD IT HAVE BEEN TO FILM THE DANCE PARTY IN THE TESTING CENTER???

  2. I KNOW!!!! It would have been BEYOND cool!!!

  3. I really like how Narnia comes before singing in an open field in the list of likelihood :)

  4. Sarah, finding Narnia can totally happen! (Even though - don't tell Megan! - Narnia's not actually real.) But we did find it once. Could happen again. ;)


    I kind of need to see War Horse too, but only because Benedict Cumberbatch is in it. He's so funny-looking.

  6. What a great bucket list! That is a fabulous idea!

    (I will pray that you don't need an appendectomy in Ukraine because that would be awful...)