Monday, January 2, 2012

Out of the Mouth of Babes

I've been reorganizing my room before the mission--throwing things out, figuring out what I'll need when I get back, things like that.

It's a tad depressing, but also fun. Like when I find gems like this:

Yes folks, that is my autobiography. Written when I was in 4th grade. It's pretty comprehensive, surprisingly ingenious . . .

and down-right funny.

Take these lines for example:

"Pink is her [my five-year-old-sister's] favorite color because it 'makes her feel good when nobody's around.'" 

You know what? I can appreciate that.

"She [my three-year-old sister] says that her favorite food is ice cream because she's a little girl." 

I must still be a little girl, because ice cream's my favorite food, too.

On why I like to write: "I guess I love writing because I get to write it all by myself and other people get to read it." 

Mwahahahaha! You have to read my writing.

On why I am a great person to know: "In fact, I don't even brag (OK, maybe 5 times a year!)!" 

I'm glad it was only five times back then. Maybe that should be my new year's resolution. Only brag 5 times/year. Although I think that bragging about not bragging counts as one of my allowable boasts. Shoot. Down to 4 now.

I also heard some great kid quotes this Christmas with my family. (Family members, feel free to correct me if I got them wrong. Hearsay and time do wonderful things to my memory.)

My aunt: But what if Janae [another aunt] got all of the presents?
S: I would steal them!
My aunt: But what if they were things you didn't like?
S (in tears): Janae can't have all the presents!

Me (sitting down at the piano): I'm going to sing "Someone Like You."*
S: How about "Never Mind, I'll Find" instead?

A (saying a blessing on the food): And please bless the mean cat that he won't bite me, and the Chesire Cat, that he'll be able to find his way.

Oh, kids. Love them so much.

Speaking of kids and of the title of this post, do you guys remember watching this?

Such a great video.

*"Someone Like You" is my cousin's favorite song. But just the chorus.


  1. that's hilarious!!! I love that she named the song "Never Mind, I'll find"... hahah!

  2. I quite love your autobiography. Especially your parenthetical qualification on bragging! Super cute. And your cousins make me laugh as well.