Friday, January 6, 2012

The Undergraduate MAD

It's important to take care of your health while preparing for a mission. It's also important to take preventative measures so you don't get, say, typhoid fever, dysentery, campylobacteriosis, or some other lovely disease from yucky water. 

Besides the obvious (i.e., immunizations, typhoid pills, etc., etc.) I decided to invest in a filtered water bottle. 

Yay for clean water! And shameless product placement. 


When we bought the water bottle, we were talking to the nice saleslady and she said that she could put my name or initials on my water bottle. I figured that sounded like a good idea. I mean, after going through all the trouble of buying a filtered water bottle, I don't want my companion to get her germs all over it. Companion germs = almost as bad as botulism. 

Seriously though, I thought it'd be fun to have my initials on my water bottle. So I told the saleslady: 


We talked for a little bit about Ukraine, how cold it was going to be, and how great it would be to have this water bottle while she got the vinyl letters ready. 

Then she was distracted by her boss.

And I was distracted by my mom. 

When the saleslady started putting on the letters, I noticed that something wasn't right, but I hesitated and didn't correct her. Instead, I got a water bottle with the letters: 


It's hard to get a picture of the entire "MAD." 


I now have a water bottle with anger issues. 

And if anyone drinks out of my water bottle, I will be mad. Because as we all know, companion's germs = almost as bad as botulism. 

I take my clean water seriously. Very, very seriously. 


  1. Hahaha! Well, if we're companions, I'll remember not to drink your water. ;)

  2. Best line: "I now have a water bottle with anger issues. "

  3. Megan! Just discovered your blog, read a few posts--already love it. :) You're awesome! Good luck in Ukraine! (with the water bottle with anger issues, the companions, the water, etc., etc.)

  4. OH NO! You should take it back and have them re-do it for free! Do it. do it. do it.

  5. bwahaha...that's hilarious. Although I'd probably do what Amy says and go get another one. :) Maybe they'd let you keep both! Or, you just need to marry someone with a last name that starts with a D. :)

  6. That's not a bad idea, but unfortunately, we got the water bottle in Kansas so there's no going back now. But that's okay. It will make for a great icebreaker story with my companions. Also, it can stand for "Megan At Donetsk," or "Megan Against Dysentery," or "My Awesome Drink." The possibilities are endless. :)