Thursday, June 23, 2011

They seek him here, they seek him there

Those Frenchies seek him . . . everywhere!

Yesterday I got to see "The Scarlet Pimpernel" at Murray Arts in the Park. I've been wanting to see the show ever since one of my roommates introduced me to the songs in March. I was hooked.

Just listen to these two songs and you might be hooked, too:

"Into the Fire"-- one of the most inspiring, take-charge, let's-walk-into-the-jaws-of-death-for-freedom-and-justice songs I've ever heard (ignore the subtitles):

And this song, "Falcon in the Dive," sung by the incredible Terrence Mann. Ohhhhhhhh my. Gives me chills. One of the best villain songs I've ever heard:

Sad news, bears. I can't get the music onto Blogger. But here's a taste of it.

Also, here's a full Youtube version. It's not Terrence Mann, but this guy's still pretty good. The video quality isn't, but oh well.

Doesn't he look like Dracula? Yeah. I think so, too.

Anyway, I was really excited to see the musical, and I convinced my family and my best friend, Sharisa, to come with me (the free tickets I won definitely increased my persuasive powers).

Photos before the show:

The best friends.  

The fam (sans sisters). 

Obligatory pre-show silly pictures.  

My favorite.  

The show was . . . pretty good. It wasn't as good as I hoped it would be, to be honest, and I think that was in fault to some production issues and a few plot devices that bugged me. But I enjoyed the play for these reasons:

1. The music is amazing. Seriously.
2. The story itself. Intrigue, drama, love, humor, and suspense. Ah, I love it and never tire of it. (Really. If you're having a Scarlet Pimpernel party, please invite me.)

Photo courtesy of my friend, Wikipedia. 

. . . and, I'm kind of in love with Percy. I mean, he's the original super-hero with an alter ego. Brillante, non?

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  1. :) That was super fun! Thanks! Agreed - "Into the Fire" is am besten. And I also love Percy. True story. Good times!