Thursday, June 2, 2011

To make an end is to make a beginning . . .

Today, my little sister Sarah graduated from high school.

Now, since this is my blog, I get to brag about her for a bit.

Sarah is an incredible person. She is one of the sweetest, smartest, coolest people you will ever meet. She is a National Merit Scholar. She spoke at graduation. She serves others on a regular basis. And she can quote any Harry Potter book or movie at the drop of a hat.

But most importantly, she's my sister.

So, dear sister, here is a letter for you on your graduation day:

Dear Sarah,
        Congratulations! Today you graduated and dipped your toes into the "real world." Can you believe that you finally made it? I knew you would. It wasn't even a question. (Except for those few days when it looked like you might not complete your EHS health class . . . but that's over now, too.)
        But here you are, in your white cap and gown, looking like the angel you are, and eager to explore the world, yourself, and your dreams. There will be time for your dreams--a lifetime for them--an eternity for them. In four years from now, you'll be astounded by how far you've come, yet humbled by how much farther you have to go.
        But oh, the places you will go! Believe me, sister, you will move mountains. Through your faith, goodness, and dedication, you will change lives. You've changed mine.
        And it's hard for me to fathom that you're leaving and coming. Leaving home, and coming here. In a way, coming to me. For in two more years, you'll find yourself where I am--looking behind, but always looking forward, moving in the direction of your dreams.
        Who knows exactly what the next two years will bring? Two things are certain: you'll learn that change is part of life, but that there is more in store for you than you could ever dream. I'm excited for you, dear sister--dear friend. You have so much joy ahead of you. Never forget that.
         And never forget this: I love you and am prouder than proud to call you my sister.


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  1. Megan! Thank you for everything! You are such a good example to me! I'm excited to come to BYU next year and see you more often :) I love you, too.