Thursday, June 30, 2011

Harry Potter World Cup

My friend, Kailee, posted this on her blog. And I just had to share.

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Can you say totally awesome? Because it is.

It's like March Madness but with Harry Potter! Potter Madness.

Here's the bracket. And you can vote here.

The voting for the second round ends tonight at midnight!

But let me tell you, some of the duels are a little cruel this round.
Like Sirius vs. Tonks.

Or Fred Weasley vs. Arthur Weasley.

Or Neville vs. McGonagall.

And it's not gonna get any easier as the game continues.


  1. Okay, how did Narcissa beat Luna? That just doesn't make sense.

  2. It doesn't. I mean, in the real world (and we all know that Harry Potter is the real world), Luna would totally beat Narcissa Malfoy. I guess the experts in charge of this thing think that there was some sabotage from Twilight fans not wanting Cedric to face Luna. Who knows.