Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Which I Hike Rock Canyon and Meet Clifford the Big Red Dog

The hiking adventures continue.

Last Saturday, Sharisa and I hiked up Rock Canyon. It's one of my favorite hikes because:

1. The rock formations are incredible.

Beautiful! Yes, I am definitely a mountain girl. 

2. There are cool, natural spring drinking fountains:

The water is soooooo cold and good.

3. There is a Noah's Ark rock. I'm serious. (Or a Jaredite barge, tight like unto a dish. Whichever floats your boat. Oh dear. No pun intended. But it's staying there now.)

                                                              Can you see the ark?

On the Noah's Ark rock. 

4. There's a rushing river along the trail. 
The river was a LOT higher than last year. 

 A little too excited to take a picture with the water. 

 5. There are bridges along the trail. I love bridges. 
Senior picture, anyone?

After our hike, we headed down to the Festival of Books which was happening on campus. And guess who we saw?!? Clifford! My favorite big red dog!

We also ran into a Stormtrooper (not pictured) and a frog. I don't know what character he was supposed to be (the Frog Prince, perhaps?), but I had to take a picture with him, too.

Another full weekend. And, it's finally warming up! Life is good.


  1. looks so fun! I will have to get into hiking this summer because it seems its what everyone does up there!! (I am usually not much of a hiker, unless there are no bugs, and the ground is flat hahaha)