Sunday, June 19, 2011

Life Goals: Check Off #5 and #31

Have you ever heard of John Goddard? When he was 15, he wrote down 127 life goals. And these were legit goals. Not just, "Get a C in Geometry," or "Learn how to make mac 'n' cheese." No, these were incredible, life-changing goals like, "Circumnavigate the globe," and "Swim in Lake Victoria," and "Ride a horse in the Rose Parade." 

127 goals. He has achieved 110. 

About a month ago, I wrote down 103 goals for myself. Some will be easy to achieve. Others . . . I don't even know if they'll be possible. But a girl can dream, right? 

On Saturday I completed two of those goals! 

Life goal #5: Read the entire Bible--from Genesis to Revelation--in continuity. 

To be honest, I made the goal to read the entire Old Testament last June. But in March, when I got to Zephaniah, my roommate suggested that I might as well read the whole thing. So I did. And it is very fulfilling to have finally read the entire Bible. I love that book. 

Life goal #31: Bake a cake from scratch. 

It sounds silly, but I had never baked a cake from scratch before Saturday. My friend Natalie helped me achieve this life goal. We made a delicious chocolate cake with caramel frosting. Mmmm. :)

Here's a picture of some pieces of the cake: 

Not a very pretty picture (or a pretty cake), but it's homemade and delectable! 

P.S. My friend Marina has a fun bucket-list that she posts on her blog. Check it out!  


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