Sunday, February 1, 2015

who the hero took for lover

One of my dearest friends sent this song to us (and by us I mean emmers and me) a few weeks ago. It is hauntingly beautiful, and it captivates me.

I love how intelligent and thoughtful the lyrics are (with references to Victorian literature, even). And the music is just beautiful.

but when it comes to flesh and bones, you remind me of shalott--only made of shadows, even though you're not. 

everybody loves a hero, an image to create, 
antithesis of everything inside ourselves we hate, 
but you'd better close your eyes when it's time for them to die, 
cuz you'd hate to think the life you'd build upon them was a lie. 

oh, to reach through all your surface, just to find an empty pool
and to suffer all your pride, as i lay down by your side, 
and you swallowed up my heart, and left me a fool--
left me a fool. 

So sad. But so beautiful.

I know this song has to do with an ending relationship, but I think it can also apply to other things in life, too. Those moments when what we think we have is real, only to discover that we were fooled--"to reach through all your surface, just to find an empty pool." Accepting that disillusionment and disappointment cuts to the bone.

Life is full of those moments.

And you know what? It is also important to remember that the journey wasn't worthless. Even if we do find an empty pool at the end of what we thought would be something rich, full, and beautiful. The trick is seeing the contrast between the grey disappointment and bright expectations, the joy and the sorrow, the despair and hope. That tapestry of life.

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