Monday, February 2, 2015

I went to the mountain.

Sometimes the mountains call your name. 

And sometimes the fresh, cold mountain air is exactly what you need to clear your head and strengthen your heart. Not to mention the goodness of kindredsoulsisters. 

I love going to the mountains in every season. I love how they change with the light and shadows of the different seasons. How the colors change. 

And yet, everything remains grounded. The same. Firm as the mountains around us. 

I am a mountain girl at heart. I was born underneath their shadows, and they have provided the backdrop for most of my life. 

And they provide the perfect place for reverie. And for reminders. 

i went up to the mountain because you asked me to
up over the clouds to where the sky was blue
i could see all around me everywhere
i could see all around me everywhere

sometimes i feel like i've never been nothing but tired
and i'll be working till the day i expire
sometimes i just lay me down, no more can i do 
but then i go on again because you ask me to

some days i look down afraid, afraid i will fall
and though the sun shines i see nothing, nothing at all
then i hear your, your sweet voice
come and then go, come and then go
lord, telling me softly you love me so. 

the peaceful valley just over the mountain
the peaceful valley  few come to know
i may never get there ever in this lifetime
but sooner or later it's there i will go
sooner or later it's there i will go. 
--up to the mountain, by patricia griffin 

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