Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Moscow and Rihanna

So this happened today: 

Professor (right before class): Megan, did you quote Rihanna in your last writing capture?* 

Me: Oh, yes. Yes, I did.**

Professor: Extra credit. [pause] I don't know Rihanna, but if I weren't married, I would totally go for her. 

Just another regular day in Tolstoy class. 

*Writing captures are basically a way for us to discuss a scene/theme from our reading and say whether or not we did the reading. 

**I was talking about how Pierre and Natasha's coming together in burned-out Moscow was symbolic. Just like Moscow was burned, broken, Pierre and Natasha were both burned, broken, but they were able to rebuild their lives through the love they had found. So, obviously, I quoted "we found love in a hopeless place." It's only logical, right? 

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