Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quick Update(s)

Hello world,

Blogging's taken a low priority because of . . . well, because of what I'm going to post just now. You know the drill: school, work, life.

This has probably been the busiest semester of my life. I didn't know it was possible for me to do so many things and still keep going. Honestly, it overwhelms me to think of it all, so I just do a Dory: "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . ."

- School. I'm taking 16 credits. And they're upper-level English and History classes which means A LOT of reading, writing, and research. And reading sad books, which just takes a toll on my emotions and question the humanity of mankind. Bah.

-Speaking of school, one of my assignments for my History of Modern Germany class is to digitize, catalogue, and transcribe a micro-reel. Remember how excited I was for this micro-reel? It's a long story, but basically, it was the wrong micro-reel (there were documents from the 1840s in Michigan about Indian Affairs . . . nothing about Germany). So now I have new PDFs which actually are about Germany. And it's very interesting and neat to read . . . but it's so loooonnnnnggg. I've spent 7 hours cataloguing 313 reels. And I still have more than 100 to go. But it's worth it, even if I do complain.

- Work. I have two jobs this semester, and I love working at both of them. I'm a writing tutor at the Writing Center, and I'm a Writing Fellow. Lots of reading. Lots of writing. Lots of thinking. And just great people. My co-workers=prima.

- Scholarship. I was fortunate to receive the Wheatley Scholarship this summer. It was a blessing and complete surprise that I got it (and it's the first time the scholarship has been awarded!). So I've been busy with events for that. But again, completely and entirely worth it.

- Research. Besides researching for my classes, I've also been working with a professor. I'm editing an academic trade book for him and helping him find a publisher for said book.

- Mission. I've started my mission papers (eep!). I'm probably about half-way done with them. It's incredible to think about . . . wow. I'm going on a mission. I'm going on a mission! It's exciting and scary and humbling and wonderful all at the same time. It's been a hard decision for me; harder than I thought it would be. But it's my decision. And I just want to help bring people to Christ, and be an instrument in God's hands. It is one of the deep desires of my heart.

- Other stuff. You know. Finding time alone. Socializing. Laughing. Pondering. Baking. Singing. Running. Sleeping. The stuff life is made of.

So I don't know how often you'll hear from me this semester. I'll try to remember my poetry. And I do have one post that I have to write down. But who knows when that will come.

Then again, blogging is therapeutic (I just went there). Maybe I'll come by more often than not.

(And maybe I should have titled this post Not-so-quick updates.)

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