Friday, September 9, 2011

History Nerd Moment

So if my last post didn't cast me as a nerd, this one takes the cake.

In my History 328 class (Modern German History), we have the coolest assignment EVER.

My professor received a grant that gave him some micro-reels which document the correspondence between the American ambassador in Berlin and Washington. And we get to view these micro-reels, make them into PDFs, and transcribe them!

People, this is cool.

There were people in my class getting dispatches from John Jay in Vienna! And dispatches from the Franco-Prussian War! And from the siege of Paris!

I don't know what mine will have in it yet (my professor didn't tell me), but I am sooo excited to find out.

 That blue thing is the micro-reel from the National Archives. 

 The micro-reel! 

Me being a super-happy nerd. 

Seriously, folks, this is like Christmas for history nerds. I just need 4-5 hours in the library to find out what's in store! 


  1. That's awesome Megan! Be proud of nerdy moments because they are usually really cool too!

  2. Holy Cow I'm so jealous I might scream!

  3. German-American tax treaties, 1880-1892. Sorry, Megan.