Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Muffin Girl

I was a conversation piece this morning.

I made muffins for a Writing Center staff meeting breakfast and carried the muffins to work. (I'm on the Happiness Committee. Yes, there is such a committee. And yes, happiness = food. Especially at eight o' clock in the morning.)

But, I had about thirty muffins to carry on two plates. I ended up balancing the uncovered muffin plates on the palms of my hands, walking up to campus.

Did I mention there was a cat who was following me?

Yeah, this odd, stray cat came out of nowhere--no doubt enticed by the delicious-smelling muffins--and followed me for a little while, meowing for a muffin.

As I walked up to campus, I think I made everyone hungry. You know how it is--you have an eight o' clock class, you wake up late, and often you don't get breakfast. But here I was, holding plates of muffins like the goddess of the muffin harvest and torturing poor students with the breakfast they never had.

Poor students.

But happy co-workers.

The Happiness Committee strikes again.

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  1. hahahaha this made me laugh hysterically... Megan you are a gem.