Sunday, October 30, 2011

I like my birthdays, every one . . .

Birthdays are just good things.

And this birthday was especially good. I'll tell you 21 reasons why:

1. It was just beautiful on my birthday. Clear skies, crisp fall air . . . mmm. I was born for October weather. So good thing I was born in October.

2. Birthday princess ribbon. It's pretty cool.

3. Birthday flowers from my family. :)

4. Birthday pie from my family. Swedish Apple Pie. Mmmm.

5. People saying "Happy Birthday" to me. I don't care how old you are, it is just fun to have people recognize you.

6. Michelle's super-long "Happy Birthday" song.

7. We got our disposal fixed.

8. Nice birthday notes and e-mails.

9. Phone calls from loved ones.

10. Hair that curls just right.

11. Being taken out to birthday ice cream by a good friend.

12. Birthday breakfast muffins.

13. Blowing out a candle. Because it wouldn't fit in the pie. But I still get to keep the wish, right?

14. Making new friends.

15. Getting to see my sister.

16. Getting to see my cousin.

17. Sticky-notes all over my room.

18. Getting "Happy Birthday" sung to me by my roommates and my roommates' home teachers.

19. Freaking out because Sharisa got her MISSION CALL!

20. Dancing on the balcony because Sharisa got her MISSION CALL!

21. Sharisa opened up her MISSION CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ukraine Dnepropetrovsk Mission, speaking Russian! So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was just a good day all around. Yay birthdays.

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