Tuesday, February 28, 2017

done with my graceless heart

What I'm listening to right now: 

Oh haiiii, friends. 

Posts about Em's wedding and Sam's visit coming up soon, I promise. 

Also, I finalllllly heard back from all of the schools I applied to for History PhD programs! I have a few options and you know that I will agonize/am already agonizing about the decision, haha. But I am happy to have four really good options to choose from.* (And I will let my adoring fans know where I end up choosing, don't you fret.) 

But in the meantime, just enjoy this pretty picture: 


*I realize that people will want to know what schools I'm choosing from. They are the University of Missouri, Boston University, the University of Maryland, and Princeton. I'll be doing campus visits next month. Exciting times. :) 

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