Monday, March 6, 2017


*My family has been teasing me about that hashtag for weeks now. So I figured I'd use it again, because, why ever not?*

A couple of weeks ago (man, I am failing at this blogging thing lately), Sam came to visit. It was great having him in town and since he has no qualms about me posting his face on my blog, here you go: 

[Yep. I know. You are allowed to comment on how cute we are.]

And, like I said, it was great having him in town. Long-distance can be hard, but it sure does make these trips to see each other worth it. And just plain fun. (If you want more of my thoughts about long-distance dating, you can ask me in person. It's something that I never thought I'd do, but it's working well so far. So we'll keep going. :)) 

Also, Salt Lake (or anywhere, for that matter) is much more fun when you have someone to explore it with: 

[Some views near Ensign Peak.]

[SLC Library]

[Cathedral of the Madeleine.]


Anyway. Grateful for this man in my life, and very grateful that he came to visit. 

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