Monday, February 13, 2017

When a thing is wick, it will grow

Winter's on the wing.

Reasons why:

--It's been an average of about 53 degrees the past couple of weeks.

--The snow has melted in the valley, although it's still beautiful and white on the mountains.

[Mount Olympus is strikingly beautiful. I seriously cannot get over it.]

--The lack of snow and the absence of cold has meant that I can run outside again . . .

--Which means that I accidentally tripped and bruised my entire shin. Oops. But it's on the mend.

[Oops. But like I said, it's on the mend. And now I have this beautiful bruise on my shin. It's very impressive.]

--It is just "well with my soul" right now. Just this contented happy core. Despite uncertainty and trying to figure out life plans (or even summer plans), I am grateful for this peace. 

--I saw The Secret Garden this weekend with Em. The Secret Garden is one of my favorite stories, and one of my favorite musicals, as the music is hauntingly beautiful and hopeful. (Although it's hard to choose favorites, I'd have to say that "Wick" and "Hold On" are definitely up there.) It also reminds me of Ukraine--of the need to hold on and the promise that spring will come. And, perhaps it goes without saying, but it reminds me of England (which I am so homesick for this week). In any event, it was wonderful to watch one of my favorite musicals, with Em, one of my favorite people.

[Hanging out with Em means shake dates. Has to happen.]

[Selfie time our turn. With bad high school auditorium lighting. Whatevs. Also, can we just talk about how weird it was being back at my high school? Sooooo weird.]


[Just love this woman so dang much.]

There is spring in the air; change in the air. There is a hope that comes with children's tales, reconciliation, and second chances, of renewed friendships and remembered miracles. Spring always comes. Sometimes all we have to do is hold on. And I'm grateful for people that remind me of that, in the good times and the bad times. 

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