Friday, February 10, 2017

Daisies are the friendliest flower

Em's upcoming wedding calls for celebration. Many celebrations, in fact. 

So Em's friend Lauren and I decided to put on a friend bridal shower for her. (And to be completely fair, Laurs was the one who did the most in this production--I just provided the apartment and some of the food. And daisies.) 

[It was You've Got Mail themed, which is one of Em's favorite chick flicks. And mine, too.]

[Em with Laurs and Marina. The woman in the middle is the one who really made this whole thing come together.]

[Can we talk about how cute those cookies are?]

[Em and Amberlea! Hurray for mission companions--I served with both of them and they served with each other.]

[Twinkle lights, carnations, and then Billy the Goat looking on in the background.]

[Selfie time our turn]

[Love these women oh-so-much.]

Thanks for letting us spoil you, Em. And for being worth spoiling. 

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