Monday, April 25, 2016

College Infiltration, take 1,249

Sometimes, when the weather is nice (and when it's bad--you learn in England to just do things despite the rain), I visit other colleges with friends. Dani calls it "college infiltration."

A couple of weekends ago, we visited Balliol, St. Johns, Somerville, and Green Templeton Colleges. I'm getting close to reaching my goal of seeing all of the Oxford colleges, which is exciting.

Here are some pictures from the lovely afternoon:

[Balliol's beautiful candy-striped chapel.]

[Oh, these picturesque gates of Oxford.]

[We found a maze. Well, kind of. We hoped it was a maze, but it ended up just being hedge rows with the potential of being a maze. But a girl can dream.]

[Balliol's dining hall.]

[Turns out Balliol has an organ in its dining hall. Cool.]

[Selfie with Dani.]

[Balliol's chapel.]

[The eagle lecturn has a crown. Which is kinda cool.]

[Balliol's gardens are beautiful, if you couldn't tell. Also, Balliol claims to be the oldest college of Oxford. Merton and University Colleges also compete for that claim.]

Next up, St. John's: 

[The entrance.]

[The chapel.]

[Did you know I'm a fan of trees which have benches around them? Now you know.]


[The Fellows Garden. We couldn't get in. Sadly.]

We then went to Worcester College, which is absolutely stunning. The grounds are incredible. 

[Just look at that view.]

[It feels like something out of Pride and Prejudice.]

[And in b/w.]

[These pathways, though.]

[I had to get a Soviet flower pose in there.]

[Guys! There was a pond! With a swan!]

[The ever-lovely Dani.]

[And then there's me with my delightful awkwardness.]

["For goods only. Passengers are forbidden." A shame, really.]

[The Worcester College chapel. Different than any other college chapel I've seen. It reminded me of the Byzantine Empire.]

[Dizzy spiral staircases.]

We also went to Green Templeton College and Somerville College. Which are beautiful right now and dressed for spring. 

["That sky today. Talk about blue!"--if you name the movie I will give you virtual brownie points.]


[Somerville in the afternoon.]

Oxford is a different world during Trinity Term. I have a feeling we're going to get along just fine. Spring agrees with me. 

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