Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Weekend Adventures

Last weekend, the wonderful Lee family came down from up North to visit me! It was great exploring England with them and dragging them around Oxford.

We saw a lot of old stones . . . 

[At Avebury]

[Could not have asked for better weather.]


[Oh haiii]

[With part of the fambamerly.]

[Old stones, young faces.]

[Please look at that group of people in the background taking pictures of Stonehenge. Because if we don't take pictures of these ancient stones to put in our Facebooks, Instagram albums, and blogs, did we actually go? Do the stones actually exist? Do we exist? The existential questions of the 21st century.]

. . . we also went to Salisbury Cathedral and saw the Magna Carta . . . 

[The Cathedral itself is absolutely stunning.]

[Courtyards and cloisters.]

[Stained glass. You're not allowed to get a picture of the actual Magna Carta, so I guess you'll have to decide for yourself if I actually saw it or not since it's not on social media.]

. . . and we finished the day off at Winchester, where we saw the Round Table. 

[Love this pic.]

[Queens, kings, princesses, and dragons of the Round Table. Love this crew an awful lot.]

It was great having my family in town--glad they put up with me! 

**Also, I have given so many tours of Oxford this term . . . and would love to give more. So if you're coming my way, send me a message. :)

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