Thursday, May 12, 2016

Come the May, I say.

Posts will be few and far between this month. At least, that's what it feels like. Because I'm working on #dissertationofdoom. And it's due at the end of this month. So, you know. I'm kinda dying over here.

But tonight you get a blog post because in the midst of Megan wading through drafts and papers and books, laundry has to be done sometime. I mean, clean underwear is kinda important.

So, this post is brought to you today by the laundromat and the month of May.

Because did I mention that it's May in Oxford?

And it is incredibly, insanely beautiful.

Unreal, really.

I mean, just look:

I am in love with spring in England. 

It smells of green and growing things. 

The mornings are light and the evenings don't get dark until 9. 

My morning runs are perfect. 

There is a bush I walk by every morning and night that perfumes the air. I just want to stand under it for as long as I can (but it would look weird--especially since it's on High Street. If it were on a different, out of the way street, maybe I could get away with it). 

[Oh haiii, favorite bush.]

Also, May in Oxford means May Morning, which is basically where the Magdalen College Choir Boys climb to the top of Magdalen Tower and then sing to welcome in the spring. 

It was a beautiful moment, watching the sun hit Magdalen Tower and listening to songs of May. Honestly, it was magical. 

(Less magical was almost being crushed by 10,000 of my closest friends on the way back from Magdalen Bridge, but I made it out alive.) 

May Morning/May Day also meant that I made blini for my friends. Which just made the start of May absolutely wonderful. 

Let's just say that I am a fan of this month in England. It's like a different world from the grey that I am used to here. The sunshine, flowers, and light are so good for my soul. 

I just wish I didn't have to worry about #dissertationofdoom and could picnic in Port Meadow and make daisy chains all day long. 

Stay forever, please?


  1. I feel you, sista. (or cousin. whatever)

  2. Dying. I am literally dying of envy and homesickness. May really is the best, isn't it? Or maybe June was...probably June, because of May Bumps and all that. And the perfect weather and the flowers blooming, and....ahhh, everything.

  3. oh, good luck with #dissertationofdoom When you're done, it will feel AMAZING. When I turned mine in, I did a little dance. Right there as the girl taking my paper laughed. It was totally worth it.