Friday, March 4, 2016

Girls just wanna have fun (aka the one where I post a lot of pictures of me with green eyeshadow)

A couple of weeks ago, my stake (a group of LDS congregations in the Reading, England area . . . basically, a stake is the Mormon equivalent of a diocese) put together an amateur theater production called a "roadshow." Essentially, we sing cheesy songs, dance, and wear weird costumes.

It's pretty fun. Ridiculous, but fun.

Case in point:

[Some of the YSA in the Oxford ward. All decked out for the YMCA. Because you wear green eyeshadow for that, right?]

[Tim joins in the fun, even though he's not quite cool enough to be YSA. He's trying, though.]

[This is what happens when you ask Tom to take a picture of you. He takes a picture of himself. And then Alyssa photobombs his selfie. Also, can we talk about how Tom was the perfect Watson? Yup.]

[I've decided this is a good look for me. I should have grown up during the 80s.]

[Blurry, but don't care.]


[Another ward's production.]

[And another. With Vikings. I liked this one a lot. But they didn't have green eyeshadow so I can't fully give it my endorsement.]

[Why yes. Yes, I did wear legwarmers.]

[Fierce. Green eyeshadow fierce.]

[I'm a big fan of these people.]

And perhaps that's the message of this entire post--I'm a fan of these people. Even more than green eyeshadow. 

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