Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wales, C.S. Lewis and the Other Place

I've been meaning to put these pictures up for oh, months now. But better late than never right? Right?

Anyway. This term at Oxford I have decided that it is important to spend some time away from Oxford--at least once a week--to get my head out of the ivory tower and into the English countryside. It's been good for the soul.

Here are some pictures from my trips to Cambridge, Wales, and the C.S. Lewis home.

[The River Cam.]

[The Backs. It was surreal going back to Cambridge after more than five years. Love that place--it holds a special place in my heart.]

[Oh haiiiii.]

[The Backs again.]

[Walking to Granchester.]

[Granchester. Loving that blue British sky.]

[King's College, waiting for Evensong. Which, by the way, was beautiful.]

[It's helpful when you know friends at Cambridge who can get you into St. John's College and onto the Bridge of Sighs.]

[Loving the cloisters.]

I also took a weekend trip to Swansea, Wales with Briana. It was super last-minute, but it was good for the soul. 

[Look! It's a castle!]

[My turn to be excited.]

[We went walking in Wales. It was super muddy.]

[Why, look! It's a wee Welsh waterfall in a woodland walkway.]

[This is Charles the Umbrella. He died in Wales. R.I.P., Charles.]

[View of Swansea.]

[Slightly creepy woods.]

Basically, Briana is a boss and it was a great weekend adventure to Wales.

And last, but certainly not least, I went to the C.S. Lewis home with some friends two Saturdays ago.

[Walking into the wardrobe.]

[A bit of Disney magic.]

[The crew.]

[Lewis's grave.]

Things we learn from this blog post: 

1. Britain is beautiful. 
2. Weekend trips are fun. 
3. I have great friends. 
4. I have epic-ly FAILED at posting this term. 


  1. Is this C.S. Lewis home in Oxford? If so, when we get back to England (pray that it's soon!) We want to come see it with you.

  2. Yes, the C.S. Lewis home is in Oxford! A ten-minute bus ride away from city centre. And yes! If you come, we will go. :)