Sunday, June 21, 2015

a stream of words. [два]

i've been working on this post for a couple of days now. just putting things down as they come. because sometimes your mind and heart are just so full there is nothing left to do but write the words as they come. even if they don't have a formal home. orphan words and thoughts are often the best. like anne of green gables.

i've been on a show tunes kick as of late. mostly with shows about classic stories. like the secret garden. like jane eyre. and tale of two cities. i know that some of these shows aren't very popular/didn't have the best reviews. honestly, i don't even care. most of these shows i haven't seen (except secret garden, WHICH I LOVE). but i have found the music on spotify. and some songs i have had on repeat for, well, an exorbitant number of times. like one of sydney carton's song from a tale of two cities. "i can't recall a night so clear. the heavens seem an inch away--not cold and empty like before." his story makes me catch my breath every time. "it is a far, far better thing that i do, than i have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that i go to than i have ever known." once in the mtc our district was talking about favorite books. i mentioned tale of two cities. and as i tried to describe what i liked about it so much, i really did catch my breath just thinking about the last chapter. the other missionaries laughed at me. let them laugh. it is a beautiful thing to have a story take your breath away. i told my brother that he should read tale of two cities. i am such a nerd. i get excited for him to meet characters like carton. victorian literature characters. why do they hold my imagination? carton. dorothea. pip. oh, those great expectations. i wish that someone would do a musical of middlemarch. maybe that's just something i'll have to do myself. somehow. i mean, middlemarch is huge. but so is les mis. so it must be possible. i can already feel myself falling in love with dorothea's theme. and weeping over dorothea's heartbreak song as her expectations come to a crushing halt. lyndgate will sing tenor. will sings rich baritone. and casaubon is a bass (if he even sings at all--i can't really imagine casaubon singing). rosamond is a first soprano. (no question there.) dorothea sings mezzo. and mary . . . mary could sing either mezzo or alto. oh, there would be some beautiful duets to come from middlemarch the musical.

did you know that newsies reminds me of my mission? i know. it's kind of weird. but not when you know the story. there's a big story behind it. davey and jack. the kharkov four. brains, voices, ideas, and courage. and the world will know. and the world will learn. and the world will wonder how we made the tables turn. and the world will know that we've been here. and they have. and will continue to know. because our story is one worth telling. and the old will fall, and the young stand tall.and the world will feel the fire and finally know. little did we know. the implications of newsies. there's a lot more to it than singing and dancing newsboys. (even though the guy dancing with a ceiling fan at the end of "king of new york" is still my favorite guy to parody.) oh great. now i want to rewatch newsies. and you know i'll be singing along the entire time. because i may or may not have the entire movie memorized. but that's between you and me. i can also do a really great heel click. yeah. moving on.

today was father's day. which meant that we had a special breakfast for dear old dad. and a hilarious conversation at breakfast that i'd better not put on here to protect the innocent. and not-so-innocent. but let's just say that dad will never trust us to ask him questions about our births ever again. especially when mom is around. their stories never quite match up. haha. but i am grateful for the example of good men in my life. and for good men who have crossed my path in life. human orbits. leaving impressions. deep and lasting. because there are good people in this world. from all walks of life. it's easy to forget. especially when there is so much hatred in this world. but there are good people. they exist. and it is so much more rewarding to search out the good in this world.

the good that is worth fighting for.

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