Monday, January 23, 2017

That D.C. life

About a week ago (was it really a week ago? time is a strange thing), I went to D.C. I figured that I should probably post some pics of the trip because it was a pretty great trip overall. (And I also figure that I'll let the pictures do most of the talking on this one.)

First of all, the memorials at night are just so beautiful and so peaceful. Love love love love love.

[D.C. at sunset. Simply stunning.]

I got to see so many friends in D.C.! Like Beth and Jonathan. And Sam (obvi).

[Sam and I with Beth and Jonathan at the magical land of Shake Shack.] 

And sooo many museums. Which was fun. This is me chillin' with Louisa May Alcott at the National Portrait Gallery.

[Oh haiiii, Louisa.]

[And Rothko at the Phillips Collection! I totally had a moment while I was there. I love Rothko's work. I just do.]


[Library of Congress. Not exactly a museum, but there are lots of old books there, so I figure it counts in this category.]

We also saw a bunch of darling neighborhood libraries. Which are always fun.

[Sam posing with a library. As one does.]

We also strolled through Georgetown, which is a wonderfully-charming area of D.C. We also went to Georgetown's campus, and it was also beautiful . . . and kind of neat/weird to see my "sister life." The thing I could have chosen. It kind of felt like "It's a Wonderful Life" type of moment, and that truly is a gift. And even though D.C. is wonderful, I'm so glad I chose Oxford. 

[Lovely Georgetown.]

[Georgetown's campus.]


We also made sure to swing by the Ukrainian Embassy. Because, you know. I love Ukraine.

[Sam: You know, if you touch the embassy, you're legally in the country.
Me: Well, I'll have to touch it then, won't I?]

Overall, great trip, great company, great conversation, great people. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

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