Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tour de Oxford [Turl Street Colleges]

After some time in my favorite Corpus Christi Library today, I decided to attend a lecture about how women have played a role in the peace process in Rwanda. However, I wasn't able to get into the room the lecture was being held. But since it was a beautiful day today, I decided to take a walk around Oxford and go to some colleges I haven't been to yet. And I decided to go to three neighboring colleges all tucked into Turl Street: Jesus, Exeter, and Lincoln Colleges.

First up, Jesus College.

Jesus College was founded on June 27th, 1571. It was founded by Queen Elizabeth 1 for the education of clergy. 

One of the perks of being an Oxford student is that you can go into (almost) all of the colleges for free. When I asked the porter if I could just see the quad and the chapel she said, "Of course, lovie!" And opened the door for me. So wonderful. 

[Notable alumni include T.E. Lawrence--better known as "Lawrence of Arabia."]

[Queen Elizabeth 1 in the hall.]

[The Chapel.]

Next stop, Exeter College.

Exeter College is the fourth oldest college at Oxford. It was founded in 1314. 

[The famous Exeter College Chapel.]

[It really is this stunning. Even more so.]

[WWII memorial.]

Last but certainly not least, Lincoln College. 

Lincoln College was founded in 1427 by Richard Fleming, the Bishop of Lincoln (hence, why it is called Lincoln College. But if I'm going to be honest, the name always reminds me of Abraham Lincoln). Some of its notable alumni include John Radcliffe (who has practically everything in Oxford named after  him), John Wesley, and Dr. Suess. Really. 

[The chapel, where John Wesley preached.]

[This looks like a Dr. Suess tree. I can believe that he studied here and got some ideas from his surroundings.]

Any suggestions on colleges I should go to next? I have been keeping track of them and have gone to more than I've posted on my blog. I need to be better at getting all the pictures up. But if there are any you'd like me to go to, let me know!

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