Sunday, January 24, 2016

Be still and know.

[london england temple.]

"Press forward. We will all, in the course of this brutal and beautiful mortality, find ourselves in dark places. We may find ourselves unsure and disgruntled and full of sincere and frightening doubt. Don't ever feel ashamed of that. Don't ever try and hide it. The question is not 'why,' but rather 'why not.' Without those moments, without those experiences, we do not and cannot begin to understand Godhood. Those times will come. Those times may be right here, right now. But the key is to press forward; to hold to the rod and press forward, however powerful the urge may be to cease our journey and pitch our tents forever in the wilderness. Just keep pressing forward.

[. . .] 

And that is why I need to tell you, with a gratitude that I cannot express, and with a surety that I cannot articulate, that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. I learned that the Atonement of Jesus Christ is as much for the innocent as it is for the guilty. I learned that as much as the Atonement is for those who have broken laws, and broken commandments, and broken covenants--it is for those who have broken hearts." -- Denise Wilkinson, Reading England Stake Relief Society President 

Tonight I am grateful for faith. 
For my own and for others'. 
For the experiences that we share which strengthen and bind. 
And for the way that faith can shine into a broken heart. 
God be thanked that we have each other
as we stumble, fall, and climb in this blessed, broken 
experience we call mortality. 

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