Monday, July 20, 2015

The little things

-Costco Chocolate Cake is great for parties.

-The waiting game is hard. Especially in regards to visas and the like. Because you can't do anything except wait. And sitting still is not something I do very well. Grr.

-OneRepublic's "I Lived" is my new favorite summer jam. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

-My hair is getting longer. But I could still pass as Anya from Anastasia. 

-Yep. Lovely, sassy, intelligent Anya. Love her.

-You know those times when you're growing your hair out and it gets to an awkward stage? Yeah. Don't like those stages very much. But luckily my hair just grew out of that stage. So I'm a fan of my hair again.

-Whenever Erika and I are in the car, "Mirrors" comes on. Without fail. It's our song now. Love it. And love that girl. Lovely, sassy, and intelligent Erika.

-Speaking of sass, I had a . . . well, let's just say I had an incredibly sassy moment today at a service activity which explains a lot about my current relationship status.

We were making crafts, blankets, and dolls for a local children's hospital. I decided to help tie a quilt because #1--it's not that hard, and #2--you should really keep me away from sewing machines. People were deciding different things to do, and this one guy walks up to the group tying the quilt and quips:
"Not to be sexist or anything, but I think I'll avoid this one because this is women's work. *pause* Just kidding!"

Me (after staring him down for awhile and trying to decide what tone I should use--I decide on a light-hearted tone): Haha, you know, prefacing a phrase with "not to be sexist or anything" still makes it sexist.

Guy: Well, it was just a joke. I didn't mean it.

Me: Honestly, if you don't want to tie the quilt, you can say that you just don't want to do it. :) (Because there is no way to account for tone in a blog post. I promise I said it with the tone of a smiley-face emoticon. I'm not that mean.)

Soon after that, the guy decided to leave.
Guy: Well, I'm heading off. I'm going to hang out with my girlfriend. 
Me: Oh, so your girlfriend is more important than service?
Guy: Well, isn't that the point of singles wards? To get married? So I'd say I'm doing pretty well and doing what I'm supposed to.
Me (rolling my eyes): Whatever.


I may have elaborated on this incident a little bit. (But only a little bit.) Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I'm making it sound. I promise. And sometimes sassiness is a good thing. Even in these scenarios. I mean, I became friends with one of my good guy friends after I called him out for his comments in a Russian literature class.

So sass can be good.



Oh well.

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