Sunday, April 19, 2015

"There will never be anyone for me but you."

Sooooo, this post *might* just be me avoiding studying for my Soviet history final.

But also, it is a tribute to Gilbert Blythe.

If you didn't know (aka, if the Internet didn't explode in your face this weekend), Jonathan Crombie, the actor who played Gilbert Blythe in the Anne of Green Gables series, died this past weekend.

And all of the women have been in mourning.

Because Crombie represents our generation's version of Gilbert Blythe.

And Gil is actually the perfect man.

I mean, just look at this scene:

Um. Perfect.

If I can find a man who loves me as much as Gil loves Anne, I will be in good shape.

(As an aside, I always thought that my "type" was Gilbert Blythe. You know--tall, dark, and handsome. And I probably thought it was my type because of Anne of Green Gables and I think that Gil is absolutely perfect. But I don't think I have ever gone out with someone who looks like Gilbert Blythe. I usually end up dating/going out with guys who are tall, fair-haired, and blue-eyed. So I guess that my "type" is guys who could fit in a Hitler Youth group? [And let me clarify, not that they act like Hitler Youth, but they look the part.] Anyway. Weird. Moving on.)

But, basically, Gilbert Blythe is wonderful. He's smart, good, kind, opinionated, and pragmatic. And, since there is quite a bit of Anne in me (I might not have the red hair, but I certainly have the dreamer in me), I still am looking for that Gil to ground me and complement me.

Because let's be honest--I need someone practical to help balance me out. But I also need someone who believes in me and my dreams.

Someone like Gilbert Blythe.

"I don't want sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you."

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