Saturday, November 22, 2014

I promise I do more than write papers.

But sometimes it doesn't feel like it.

Especially when I have a rough draft of an 18-paper paper due on Tuesday (helllloooooooo, History 490), plus two other term papers I haven't even thought about yet because, well, because of my history term paper (which kinda takes precedence this weekend).

But I just finished my fake rough draft of the paper. Read: I haven't put in any quotes yet/synthesized information, but I have put information down on the page . . . basically, it's like an extended outline. With gems like this:

"Note to self: More quotes from letters about how sad everyone was."

"Example: That couple Louisa talks about that got kidnapped in Austria during that one war and who were almost killed. SCARY."

"However, most Americans don't side with the French (primary source?). They side with the Prussians because they think that Napoleon III is an idiot (which is true . . .)"

And, my personal favorite:

"This is really cheesy and will be changed but right now I don't even know how. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Oh, you know, just a day in the life of your favorite English major/history minor.

But. I did finish a big project for the day. Which means STUDY BREAK! Like, a real one that is more than just quick Facebook-ing or Pinterest-ing. Which, don't get me wrong. I love those study breaks, too. Especially when you find gems like this on Pinterest:

[yes. yes. all the yes.] 

[this one really shouldn't be that funny to me . . . but I can't stop laughing.]

Um, it's amazing that I get anything done.

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