Monday, October 21, 2013

How missionary work translates into dating.

So, remember how I love Ukraine? Specifically the people in Ukraine? And even more specifically, sister missionaries in Ukraine?

Well, I still love them. Even more today.

Vot. Smotri. [Behold. Look.]

I had mentioned to one of my former companions about how dating life in Provo is either feast or famine, (It's true, okay?) and how right now I'm feasting.

[Side note: People. The world has gone crazy and suddenly I'm a dating machine? What? I don't even know what to do with it. Where do all of these boys even come from? I mean, it's fun, and I'm having a great time getting to know lots of new people and making new friends, but I'm serious, folks. Feast or famine. And I keep expecting those seven years of famine to come.]

Anyway. She wanted to know about my life, so I told her. And she decided to give me some great flirting advice, using an mnemonic device that we use in our mission for contacting. This is how it typically looks:

Open your mouth
Navigate to the Restoration
Teach and Testify
Contacts (ask for referrals)

See? It's great to use in finding activities. (And in our mission, we do a lot of contacting.)

But it gets better. In her e-mail today, my companion used this for dating/flirting advice (because goodness knows I need help in the flirting department). Behold. Look:

"Remember boys are dumb. They need some signs. So flirt a little. [. . .] Don't be too forward, but maybe use the contacting tips.
Open your mouth
Never be afraid
Try a hair flip or eyebrow raise
Ask for help
Common ground
Then make him chase you!

Wow my advice is getting worse and worse. So I'll sign off." 

Best. ever. 

This is why I love her. 

Totally going to use it. Especially "T"-- "Try a hair flip or eyebrow raise." 

Although I'm thinking eyebrow waggle. Ohhhh yeah, baby. Dating machine right here. 

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