Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On why I am a dork.

I'm up waiting to register for classes, so I figured it's a good time to write some blog posts.

I had some priceless moments today.

  • First off, I think I'm really funny, so I laugh to myself as I walk to-and-from campus. Under my breath. Everyone thinks I'm crazy. Little do they know. 

  • I'm a dork because I make a fool of myself at the grocery store. 

Case in point: Last week, my friends Amy, Sara, and I went to Smith's so that we could get food and not starve. Always a good option.

Well, Amy needed to grab something she had forgotten, and I decided I wanted to go with her (because we're both returned sister missionaries and sometimes still have companion withdrawals), but Sara decided that she wanted to stay by the cart. Cool. So we go and get the cranberries or Pop-tarts or whatever it was and go back to the cart . . . but Sara's not there. We shrug our shoulders and decide to go back down the aisles, looking for stuff we need, and then bring them back and wait for Sara. We're trying to save time, you know.

Well, after going past the milk and sour cream, I see what I need: yogurt. I love yogurt. It's like manna. I just love it. Especially lemon yogurt. I've recently been on a lemon yogurt kick. It's just soooo good.

Anyway. I saw the yogurt. And the lemon yogurt. And I needed it. Especially because yogurt was on sale for 10 delicious yogurts for $4. Need.

I start filling my hands with yogurts and then realize that I am not an octopus. Or an octo-mom. So I start putting yogurts in my purse, when Amy comes by and says, "Megan, are you stealing the yogurts?"

Does it look like I'm stealing the yogurts, Amy.

Oh wait. Yes. Yes, it does.

Another highlight of that grocery trip was running up and down the checkout aisles looking for Blue 5 Gum, when all they had was anything but Blue 5 Gum and I had to buy the gross Green 5 Gum. It is not as good. Just trust me on this one. You only want the blue gum.

This grocery trip today was much better. First, I did not steal yogurt. Second, there was Blue 5 Gum! And third, THEY SELL BELVITA COOKIES IN THE USA NOW! Be still my beating heart. BelVitas are the best things ever. Especially the hazelnut cookies. Oh. I might have just freaked out a little bit (read: a lot bit) when I saw those pretty cookies on the shelves.

  • Remember how I think I'm really funny and like to laugh at myself? Well, my highlight of the evening was when I was texting some friends and being really clever. That can be a hard thing to do in texts. But I was pretty dang funny, if I do say so myself. So I was laughing to myself. 

Then I look up, and my roommate is in the kitchen, flashing me a peace sign and staring at me with this "you're crazy" look on her face. Apparently she'd been doing that for about a minute before I noticed her, all the while I was just chuckling to myself about how funny I am.

In my defense, it was a really funny text.


  1. Now I need to know what this text said!! Also, that peace sign/staring thing is so something I would do.

  2. GREEN GUM IS THE WORST. Spread the word. Also, that is pretty great that you started hoarding yogurt in your purse. Naturally.

  3. I am totally with you and beth on the gum--gross. Though my favorite is Extra Polar Ice....mmmmm

    As for lemon yogurt--we had this amazing yogurt in San Diego this summer, that had this delicious lemmony goodness on the top (it was thick, like custard) and then vanilla yogurt on the bottom. SO good--wish I remembered what it was called...