Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Pottermania

I meant to post this a few days ago, but I've been catching up on sleep. So tired. . . . 

On Friday at 12:01 am, I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2!

I was super excited to see it. After all, Harry Potter has defined most of my childhood (see post below).

For one last hurrah, I decided to dress up to the midnight showing--I never had before, and I figured was better to do it late than never at all!

And who better to dress up as than the incredible, brilliant, brave Hermione Granger?

I've been told I look more like Ginny Weasley. But oh well. I'm Hermione.

Hermione is my favorite Harry Potter character. I think that's because I see so much of myself in her--always reading; wildly waving my hand in class; "when in doubt, go to the library"; itching for adventure; often awkward and insecure in social situations; kind and helpful; a bit of a bossy (yet well-meaning) know-it-all; having a fear of failure; and blessed with good, strong family members and friends who love me despite all my shortcomings.  Yes, I think it's easy to sympathize with Hermione. Besides that, Hermione is just such a strong character. She's clever and brave and good--I can't help but love her. Is it any wonder that I (along with millions of other girls) envy Emma Watson for getting to play Hermione?

Having a bit too much fun playing dress-up. 

"I read about it in Hogwarts, A History." (Sorry it's blurry.)

"Honestly, am I the only one who has ever read Hogwarts, A History?"

Reading the Malfoy Manor chapter.

I'm kissing Ron. 


Practicing non-verbal spells. 
Three turns should do it. 
Yeah, I had a lot of fun taking pictures. Probably too much fun. But when it's the last Harry Potter, you've got to live it up! :) 

My Sarah and Katy sisters and my best friend, Sharisa, also dressed up. 

Aren't we cute? (from left to right: Bellatrix, Hermione, Trelawney, Hermione.) 

Bellatrix and Hermione dueling. 

Katy's Trelawney face is great in this pic. 

If that wasn't enough, guess what we also did for the movie? My Erika sister re-named all the rooms in the  house and Potter-fied them. I.e., the dining room became the Great Hall, the kitchen became the Potions classroom, and my room became Ravenclaw Tower. Actually, it was really cute. My sisters are really creative.

But this IS really nerdy: I made Cauldron Cakes and (non-alcoholic) Butterbeer! 
Butterbeer! Cheers!

Cauldron Cake on the Wizards' Chess

Cauldron Cakes! They were really, really yummy.
After those fun and games, we finally went to see the movie. And then we watched the movie and it was so good. I loved it! 

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! (Scroll down to the picture of the trio if you don't want to read any spoilers.)

Not all of it, though. There were way too many changes to the Battle of Hogwarts for me to be completely satisfied. Too many unnecessary scenes with the snake. And like how Dumbledore's past wasn't explained at all? Lame. Also, where was the Percy Reunion? Percy was there, but there was no repentance on his part for being a snot, and there was no forgiveness from his family. Double lame. And WHY was no one watching Harry and Voldemort's final duel? Triple lame. Also, I was cracking up during the "Nineteen Years Later" part. It was just a little ridiculous. If you want to read a really funny analysis on the flaws of the last 20 minutes of Harry Potter 7.2, read my cousin Kyra's post here


But overall, I really, really liked the movie. Loved it, even. I think it's the best movie of the bunch. And I'm excited for it to come out on video so I can watch the ENTIRE Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows without an 8-month break.

Huzzah for the Boy Who Lived! :) 

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  1. Indeed - you and your sisters are super creative! I loved it. :) Go you guys.