Sunday, July 10, 2011

Build Her a Cake or Something

This summer has been a summer of baking adventures. Some have been successful, others . . . not so much.

Here's a success story:

On the 4th of July, I went to a neighborhood breakfast. There was an auction at the breakfast, with all sorts of services and goodies . . . crafts, baked goods, you get the picture.

Well, one of my friends had made these two beautiful Kit-Kat Bar Cakes, one with chocolate Kit-Kat bars around the side of the cake and M&Ms on top, and the other with white Kit-Kat bars with fruit on top. They were awesome cakes.

Since I'm broke, I asked my friend how to make them. And it was super easy. Cake, frosting, Kit-Kat bars, and M&Ms.

So I made a cake.

Yay, pretty cake! It looks like a basket of M&Ms. 

Result: success! I brought it out for a family party and it was devoured in minutes. Mmm . . . so good.

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