Monday, April 4, 2011

What I Do For Fun

. . . or, at least what I did this weekend.

-- General Conference! Yes, dear reader, General Conference is a wonderful time for three main reasons: 

1) Getting to hear the living prophet and the apostles speak.  
2) Going home 
. . . and having your mom take you to a secret place for lunch . . . only to find out that that secret place is CULVER'S, your most favorite fast food restaurant ever, and they just opened one up in Utah. They have the best custard. Ever. And the best lemonade coolers. Mmmm . . . my taste-buds were very happy. 
Note: Culver's is primarily a Mid-west franchise, so my family goes there every time we visit Kansas. But they finally opened one in Midvale, Utah! Excitement. 
3) Ladies' Night! This year, I went over to Jen's house and watched "The Importance of Being Earnest" with some Cambridge gals. Fun fun fun. 

-- Write poetry. Yes, I've been on a poetry kick for the last week. Maybe I'll post some here. But more likely not. I'm kind of touchy about my poetry. We shall see. 

-- Ice cream outings with dear friends. 
Ice cream is seriously one of the pillars of life. 

-- Singing "Horch was kommt von draussen rein" all over the apartment. It's one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. Somewhere in between "Song That Never Ends" and "Master of the House," except a lot bouncier and so folk-songy. Can't you just see me singing that song up and down the Alps? Or at least up and down Y Mountain? If you know me well enough, can't you just see me singing it all around the house? Yeah, I thought so.

-- Playing dress-up. We Cambridge girls had a bridal tea party for the girls in the group who are getting married. So classy and tons of fun. Okay, so I didn't do this this weekend, but the pictures are up now, taken by the lovely Michele. Take a look: 

                                          Hats make me feel silly and sophisticated. Simultaneously. 

                                                               We're all pretty cute. 

                                                     Feelin' pretty classy.

                                        Why yes, yes I do drink lemonade with my pinky up. 

I've had quite a lovely time the past two weekends. 

(Even if I am going a bit crazy at the moment, singing German folk songs at the top of my lungs. Don't laugh.) 


  1. Your tea party looks lovely! I'm a little jealous!! You are too cute megan!!!

  2. Oh man, I lived in Indiana for a year when I was 16 and LOVED Culver's, but I haven't had it since! I'll have to go sometime...