Tuesday, April 19, 2011

She Walks in Beauty

Spring is here.
It’s so beautiful—the rain-bright days, the cool breezes, the flowers blooming everywhere, the sun-warmed grass . . . ah. I am in love.
On Sunday, Sharisa and I went around campus and just gloried in the miracle of spring.

This beauty greets me every day as I go to school. 

Rain-kissed petals 

 Campus = so beautiful! 
 One of my favorite trees on campus.

 Unlike T.S. Eliot claims, April is not the cruelest month (for me, anyway). 

 See? April makes me happy. 

 "For the temple is a house of God; a place of love and beauty." 

 These flowers smell so good! Does anyone know what they are called?

 Bright, happy flowers touched with yellow gold. 

 Hello, Moroni!

 Breath-taking clouds and view of the valley. 

 Avenue of Blossoms 

I live in such a beautiful place. 

Happy Springtime! 

***Tangent Alert!*** In other news, today is Patriots' Day—it’s the 236th anniversary of the Shot Heard ‘Round the World. So . . . Happy Patriots' Day!

This is me two summers ago at the Minuteman Monument. Concord, Massachusetts. 
This is the Old North Bridge. Concord, Massachusetts. 


  1. Those temple flowers are called hyacinths, and they do smell lovely (we have a sprig in our house right now...though I'm not sure where it came from, since we don't quite have spring yet here).

  2. Hyacinths, that's right! Thanks, Leslie!

  3. Don't you mean the White Way of Delight? ;) And I agree, magnolia trees are one of HF's brilliant creations.