Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hope of America

Every year, the Freedom Festival presents the “Hope of America” program. Six thousand 5th-grade students from around Utah fill the Marriott Center with patriotic music and enthusiasm, and create a giant American flag (see below).

Not this year, but you get the picture. (No pun intended but you can laugh anyway.)

It really is quite stirring.

I’ve been to this performance a few times. I was never in it (I moved to Utah Valley when I was in sixth grade), but all of my siblings were. So, naturally, I know all the music. By heart. However, I don’t know the actions. Therefore—like my sisters tell me—I am a deprived child.

But anyway.

Tonight it was my brother’s year to perform.

While I watched the program, I was touched by the sincerity and optimism of the children’s patriotism. It is good to be reminded of the promise of America—of promises fulfilled, of dreams to come. I am not ashamed to admit that I did feel pride tonight: pride for my country, and pride for the children who sang.

There really is so much good in America. Goodness knows we’re not perfect. There is a lot to improve upon. There is a lot to remember. But there are genuinely good people who desire to hold up the ideals of liberty and justice. There are people who die for to preserve and uphold that liberty. And, there are so many people who live to uphold liberty. My limited, imperfect words can't adequately express my deep love for this nation and its people. 

The children who sang tonight truly are the hope of America. They are the next generation of leaders—those who lead by word, and those who lead by example. They were an example to me tonight. I hope to take their optimism, their willingness to serve, their enthusiasm, and their faith to heart. People say that children teach us the most important things. I believe they do this by helping us remember the important things. 

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