Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three Reasons Why This Weekend Was So Great

1) Service Project at Temple Square. Our stake dug out summer flowers and planted bulbs for the spring. I'm excited to see Temple Square in bloom come April General Conference. "Look, look! I planted those tulips!"

2) Mozart's The Magic Flute, playing at the BYU de Jong Concert Hall. I went to the dress rehearsal, so I was a little nervous that they'd have a problem and have to stop. But they didn't have to stop once; I was able to see it uninterrupted. It was a beautiful production, and it's such an interesting opera. I really enjoyed watching it.

3) Cambridge get-together! Need I say more? I love hanging out with them; it makes me so happy to see them and find out how their lives are going. I love these people. You couldn't ask for a better bunch.

Life is good.


  1. Holla for service! We're totally road-trippin' in the spring to see our tulips girl! And I'm so happy I got to hang out with you! :)

  2. Magic Flute! You can even sing it!